Sunday, June 12, 2011

>>::The Anime Hunt::<< Application

This is the Application for >>::The Anime Hunt::<<.

Before you decided to be apart of this hunt as one of our vendors, we need you to think about your item and our hunt requirements.

You MUST be willing to follow them.

Also, Your store will be inspected before you are accepted. This is to prevent "Mall spots" from coming in and to also check the quality of your products.

Notice: It will take us a few days to process your application. As we actually go TO your store to look around.

We thank you for your interest in this hunt!

TITLE YOUR APPLICATION - >>::TAH::<< Application - [Store Name] >>>>Deadline for Applications is July 31st 2011<<<< -------------------------------------------------------- >>Store Owner:

>>Second Contact: (Who we need to get a hold of in case we cant get a hold of you)

>>Store Name(As you wish it to appear):



>>What kind of products do you make? Meaning what do you sell in your store?:

>>Idea for the hunt: (If you have a particular Anime/Manga or Idea in mind then let us know! If you don't have any idea yet then thats alright too! )


>>Notes: (If you need someone else invited to the group, or any other special information you might have, let us know here!)

Thank you for your time!
Please send application to Morrigan Requiem and/or Royal Bubble.

Do Note: Failure to produce an item of your store quality. Will result in a perma ban from the hunt. We do keep a list. We do, do the hunt too.

If you are accepted you will be given a notecard of acceptance and a group invite.