Sunday, June 12, 2011

>>::The Anime Hunt::<< - Information

The Creators of +The Macabre Hunt+ and ♦♠The Royal Tea party Hunt ♣♥ Present:

>>::The Anime Hunt::<< Fall 2011 Aug 5th - Sept 4th

Thats right! An Anime Hunt! Now, there have no doubt been a few Anime themed hunts that have happened....but as many people can atest, our hunts are always a bit different.

>>::The Anime Hunt::<< is for those who are lovers of Anime and Manga. Whether it be American made, from Japan, wherever! We are looking for people who love it as much as we do! So pick your favorite Anime/Manga, peel open the application, and send it our way!

This hunt will only have the best. This will NOT be a "junk hunt" as so many seem to lead to. We inspect every single store that applys to the hunt. This hunt is limited to only 100 stores. No more.

The Hunters Group:(Copy and past it in local to join)

(It is in the process for being created, check back for more updates)

(It is in the process for being created, check back for more updates)

Hunt Requirements for Vendors:

* You MUST have an item for men AND Women or something Unisex. Many hunts cater to just one or the other. This hunt is equal. You must have something for the men as well as women or Unisexed (and not that silly excuse of feminine male unisex). Reason for this, many men are on these hunts and most have to rid themselves of 80% of the hunt items because it is for females.

*Must stay within the Theme that is presented. Meaning, it needs to be related to a particular Anime/Manga of your choosing or capture the essence of Anime/Manga itself.

*Willingness to put effort into your hunt item. Anyone can slap something together. Put some love and care into your items.

*Keep it exclusive during the hunt. Keep your product exclusive and only available for the hunters during the length of the hunt. Afterwards, feel free to sell it, if you wish.

*Hide it.. It is a "Hunt" after all. Many vendors in several hunts just toss the item out in the open for hunters to tp in and leave. No fun! Actually hide the item! Preferably keep it within 30 meters of your hunt sign. We recommend moving it occasionally. If you do notify the staff of a new hint/location so that we can get to that!

*MUST have your Hunt sign up. No hunt sign, You are booted from the Hunt.

*NO MALL SPOTS!!! Absolutely not! If your store is a tiny hole in the wall, then no. There must be a direct TP into the front of your store. If you want to do it in a CLUB. NO. NO NO NO. MAINSTORES only. Thank you.


Any Questions? Feel Free to ask Ryoko Darrow or Liliane Despres. We are more then happy to help you with any question you might have!

Please send Apps to Royal Bubble AND/OR Morrigan Requiem

Also, a VERY very special thanks to Miss Ona Ra for creating custom makeing the sculpt Map we are using for the Onigiri hunt object! <3 Ona!