Friday, August 5, 2011

>>::The Anime Hunt::<< - Official Hints!

The official hints! Still might be a few missing, but most store have their stuff up. Any that don't have hints or need to be skipped will be indicated next to the number!

#1 - Even Meeroo's like Riceballs!!
#2 - This gift will make you purr.
#3 - Even pandas like ice cream!
#4 - Just like Sting, all you need to do is walk through Fields of Gold.
#5 - Take a look /around/
#6 - A view to the Sea....
#7 - The youkai were usually shy, hiding in the winds of Spring
#8 - Where gamers can hang out and relax....
#9 - That pink thing is strange!
#10 - "Unigiri 1: Look around at midnight
Unigiri 2: Bad weather- thunder and lightning
Unigiri 3: Brrr, its so cold!
#11 - Read or die!
#12 - Aww! Onigiri speaks bird!
#13 - I was fixing my leaky roof and seem to have lost my lunch
#14 - I love shoe!
#15 - A maiko put this onigiri in her kago (basket) in case she got hungry, but it lookes like it escaped!
#16 - British Flag and skulls. This so feels like anarchy!
#17 - Well, I do so enjoy the name of your store!
#18 - Why would you spend your time looking out the window... when you can look into a pair of eyes like those.
#19 - itadakimasu - look for me in a plate of food
#20 - Weapons are Beautiful!
#21 - Have you ever trolled?
#22 - Can you understand…the horror of being pelted by rain in this solitary world?
#23 - I see Skys of blue Trees of orange